Harmony Means Self-Confidence

“Harmony is a sound—pure and simple.”

— Gene Cokeroft, Tenor

“To see the faces of kids the first time they hear themselves lock and ring a chord—there’s no better reminder of why I love barbershop.” says Gene.

To young people involved in Sing America programs, the experience is more than a sound. It’s friendship. Encouragement. Self esteem. Gene remembers it well. “I joined the world of barbershop when I was 14,” he says. “It held me together.” That experience, and the rewarding career that followed, drives his commitment to kids today.

Donors to Sing America can help volunteers inspire and teach kids in communities around the nation. Our proven approach, informed by efforts like Gene’s, begins simply: a Saturday in the park. Two songs learned by ear. 150 kids fired up about music and new friends. Our goal: reach 80,000 kids per year. That’s 80,000 young lives we can change with music.

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