President's Council Membership
Annual Leadership Giving Program of Harmony Foundation
Updated 04/08/2014

Evergreen (C) - 33 members

Counselor level of Membership
Pope, Jeremiah and Melissa

Partner level of Membership
Aitkins, Dick and Gayle
Ayers, Brian and Ann
Booth, Neal and Katherine
Conkling, Deran
Cox, Bob and Suzanne
Duncan, Ken
Fogle, Chip
Frerichs, Karen
Gorne, Nicholas
Greer, Don and Laura
Hsu, Raymond and Mary
Kahlke, James and Vickie
Mitchell, Bob
Nowik, George
Olson, Chuck and Bev
Osterhout, Drew
Ott, Mike and Carole
Overbay, Douglas and Karen
Parkinson, Bob and Linda
Parsons, Clark
Renschler, Chuck and Gloria
Rettenmayer, John
Reynolds, Mike
Rickertsen, NaVon and Maureen
Smith, Frank and Irmeli
Terrill-Nitz, Robert
Thorn, Don
Wright, Steve and Patty

Ensemble of Excellence level of Membership
Late Again
Adams, Steve and Marnie
Lund, Tim
Mattson, Chris
Mattson, Kevin and Julie