President's Council Membership
Annual Leadership Giving Program of Harmony Foundation
Updated 03/16/2016

Evergreen (C) - 24 members


Counselor level of Membership

Benson, Chuck

Mitchell, Bob

Partner level of Membership

Aguayo, Carlos and Clara

Aitkins, Dick and Gayle

Ayers, Brian and Ann

Booth, Neal and Katherine

Brumfield, Bill and Vicky

Caldwell, Karen

Centamore, John

Cox, Bob and Suzanne

Harrison, Jerry

Kahlke, James and Vickie

Kelly, Michael and Jen

Levy, Brian

Mattson, Kevin and Julie

Nowik, George

Olguin, Paul

Parkinson, Bob and Linda

Peters, Ernie

Renschler, Chuck and Gloria

Rettenmayer, John

Terrill-Nitz, Robert

Thomson, Blake

Thorn, Don