Harmony Takes Teamwork

"Harmony isn’t easy. But it isn’t impossible.”

Paul Saca, Lead, Singing since: 1998

Incremental gains are gold to a new singer. As a novice just ten years ago, Paul experienced small triumphs, one after another. And at every milestone, he found a new inspiration waiting—at one point, in the form of Gene Cokeroft.

“Having Gene as our coach was on par with a jazz quartet being led by Mel Tormé,” Paul says. “Gene is one of the best tenors in barbershop. He hosted us in his home, raised funds to fly us to our first international convention, opened our eyes to amazing opportunities.”

Sing America’s youth music programs empower new generations of volun¬≠teers like Paul—who now works full time as a music director. With donors underwriting the costs of travel to competitions, young singers can immerse themselves in the full barbershop experience.

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