What We Do

Incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in 1959, Harmony Foundation International has led the philanthropic programs of the Barbershop Harmony Society. During the last six years the beneficiary of the charitable income has been the education and outreach programs of the Society.

Through generous gifts from members and others, the Foundation supports the many philanthropic efforts of the Society:

  • music camps and workshops for youth and teachers
  • youth chorus and quartet sponsorship
  • adult leadership training, choral director and performance programs for our members
  • donations of barbershop sheet music to schools nationwide

Annual giving programs such as the Ambassadors of Song and the President’s Council are the vehicles that provide these funds.

The Foundation also raises funds for its endowment through the Founder’s Club and the memorial giving through the Keep a Melody Ringing program.

The Foundation is the organization that promotes a culture of philanthropy throughout the Society membership and is the corporate partner that links the donors and investors to the programs that fulfill their interest and passion.

The Foundation is charged with the responsibility of adding an ever-growing source of charitable income to subsidize the members’ dues; both are necessary to operate the Society on an annual basis. It also must raise support to fund large project initiatives that advance and grow the Society.

Harmony Foundation International, Inc.

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